John Hunter Men’s Brown Lambskin Leather Bomber Motorcycle Jacket

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  • 100% real lambskin leather
  • Imported
  • Multiple pockets
  • Soft viscose lining
  • Zipper closure
  • Dark brown

John Hunter Men’s Brown Lambskin Leather Bomber Motorcycle Jacket

One of the most recognizable men’s jackets is the brown leather jacket men. A bomber-style jacket is designed to be worn in all kinds of weather. This is because it has numerous pockets and can keep you warm while at the same time letting you look cool and fashionable. The modern leather jacket has more of a slouchy look to it to be more comfortable to wear.

Another great thing about Men’s Brown Lambskin Leather Bomber Motorcycle Jacket is the amount of style to an outfit. If you plan to spend a day on the slopes, wearing this jacket can make things much cooler and more comfortable for you. Plus, if you are wearing a button-down shirt underneath, your shirt will stay out of the snow and cold while you ski, making things a lot more enjoyable for you.

Another reason why this jacket is so popular is that they are highly durable and will last you quite a while. Some people even use leather to make jackets and sweaters, which will protect them from the cold during the winter but still allow them to wear a nice comfortable jacket.

If you are looking for something to accent your personality, a brown bomber leather jacket men’s is something that you should consider. Not only does it provide warmth, but it adds a bit of sophistication to your personality as well. It is very comfortable to wear, lightweight, durable, and will keep you very warm on those long cold days when you might be stuck outside.

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Customer Reviews

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red rooster
It looks and feels great

Nothing not to like, this is a super cute jacket, fit just right and my son loves it! Exactly what I wanted and asked for. very good work. Thanks.

I'm in love with this jacket, it feels great to me, it's...

I received this jacket two days after ordering it! I've seen so many online that some were even "selling" for 44.00, but there was still a 15.00 shipping fee, so on Friday I decided to increase the volume and pay more to avoid the shipping fee. Before removing the tags I tried I love this jacket, it fits me well, it's not too light nor too heavy, it's absolutely perfect! I recommend you get this!

Check your size

The jacket is a little small for a plus size before, I was going to wear the next size up. It is also not too heavy for winter weather in the Northeast. With this jacket, you need a thick flannel jacket or a jacket for cold weather. Maybe that would be fine on an autumn day in a T-shirt.

Deborah Pierce
big run

My husband is 6'1" and wears a size Large. This jacket was very large with very long sleeves.

good jacket. The sleeves are very long.

I'm 5'10, 200 pounds and I have a slightly wider than average chest. I have an XL, the chest and shoulders are fine, even if they are a little loose, the sleeves are two inches longer, they will be changed. I don't see the larger rule being applied. I usually get L or XL on T-shirts and jackets. So I will increase it by 1 or even 1/2 and it will work. Arrived ahead of schedule and looks good, smells light but not unpleasant. It smells like leather. He was more interested in style than size. I stuck to the old brown and didn't like the look of the Pocket 4. I got what I ordered. It looked a little better in ads than when it came out, but I only had it for about an hour. I'll add some skin treatments and use them a little.

Gary C
Not too surprised

Nice light jacket. Good color and fit as expected but not tight. I'm 5'10" 155 lbs. I ordered a perfect petite sleeve length, I can wear a jacket, but if you plan on wearing a bulky jacket, you may want the next size up.

Excellent lightweight leather jacket.

Light but warm at night, this perfect spring jacket has good pockets inside and out. The leather is soft and comfortable to wear. Delivery was fast and I ordered a second matching black leather jacket.

My husband loves it!

This jacket is excellent for the price. My husband is 6 feet tall and weighs about 215 lbs and a size XL fits me well. He has pretty broad shoulders so I was worried about that, but he looks great on his shoulders! The color of the jacket was a little outside the picture, because the jacket itself is a little lighter. Although I like him in general!

Adventure Fan
Great value!

Love her! I bought XXXL and it fit perfectly. Great jacket at half the price compared to retail stores.