Men’s Black Leather Trench Coat Full Length – Duster Trench Coat

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  • 100% genuine lambskin leather
  • durable and long-lasting lining
  • lapel collars
  • two pockets on its side
  • four big buttons attached
  • Imported

Men’s Black Leather Trench Coat Full Length

Are you looking for the perfect leather trench coat to style and as well as staying protected from the cold as well? It is a full-length men’s black leather trench coat, and it is perfect for you in winters as black is a go-to color and is perfect to wear on all occasions. This coat is modern because it’s designed and gives off classical and dark academic vibes both at the same moment.

  • It is also known as a duster trench coat, made with genuine lambskin leather that provides it the ultimate and desirable quality required by customers. The coat has a durable and long-lasting lining that keeps it intact.
  • The lambskin has finely given rise to this beautifully made leather trench coat. This coat is not that thick yet is not that thin. It is pretty decent in prevents the cold air from passing through it.
  • The lambskin is easy to adjust and not rigid. It is stretchable enough to fit around one’s body gracefully. The duster trench coat is breathable and flexible enough for a person wearing it to walk effortlessly when wearing it.
  • The coat comes with gracefully made lapel collars that provide it an edgy look. The coat likewise has four big buttons attached in front of it that could be closed if the temperature drops.
  • This black leather trench coat consists of two pockets on its side that help keeps all your things safe and supposed to be close to one’s reach, such as your wallet, credit cards, and license.

Full length trench coat is an intricate and sophisticated a designed coat that consists of impressive details. It is a must wearable for any event. One can pull off this coat at dinner parties, any outing journey, or let it be any professional event.

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Customer Reviews

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patrick m podolski
smokin jacket

Very cool and sexy the length...the color...the skin is soft...and fit...very rock and roll style....outlaw.....etc. .... for the price you can't go wrong with this jacket..... I was very skeptical but this is amazing... you can pay $800.00 for the same look....this is not an easy to find jacket type... ..I highly recommend it/

good value

This is great value for the money spent. Nice leather for this type of coat. The leather is not as smooth as paper like many coats like these. Good build withstands many years of wear and tear. I plan to add another black. I plan to take the sleeve about 1/2 inch. This is my favorite for the sleeve length. I'll also add one of her long brown coats.

Adam Brown
looks sharp.

�The coat is elegant and made of good leather.