Black Genuine Leather Trench Coat Men’s – Leather Duster Coat

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  • Imported Quality
  • 100% genuine leather
  • Soft and smooth
  • Wider lapel collars
  • Two Front pockets

Black Genuine Leather Trench Coat for Men’s

Are you looking for supple yet durable genuine leather trench coats for men’s? This one will be perfect for you if you desire quality, visual outlook, and flexibility, all at the same time. This leather duster coat is manufactured of 100% lambskin material. This trench coat is a unique blend of fashion, durability and is supple as competently. The lining of this genuine leather trench coat is also aimed to be soft so that the customers will not feel weary after using it.

  • This trench coat is modern yet blends with a dark academic and classic look as well. The trench coat is soft to wear and stays in your wardrobe for a long time due to its sheer quality and durability.
  • Another thing that adorns this leather trench coat is the lapel collars that are wider than the usual coats, and with fine leather, the finish is appealing to the eyes as well.
  • Worrying about fitting the cost according to the body type is not an issue as the trench coat drapes well around one’s body trunk. The butterfly texture reshapes the body in a pretty impressive manner.
  • The front of the trench coat has two pockets on its sides that could be used by a person to carry essential things like a wallet, a cell phone or, important cards like debit cards or license papers, etc.
  • The coat is beautifully designed with multiple buttons on its front that seems to be perfect for those who have a soft spot for contemporary fashion and comfort, both at the same time.

The impressive visual outlook and the making of this leather trench coat make it a go-to in all occasions, such as a party, whether or not if it is a formal event or not. Biking, horse riding, driving, or other outdoor activities, this coat is perfect for all occasions.


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