Black Men’s Stand Collar Leather Jacket – Motorcycle Leather Jacket for Men

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  • Its features comprise a metal zipper.
  • The pockets are wide. Two of the bags are welted sided entry pockets, and one pocket comes with a zipper
  • The collar is specially designed to give off a modern and contemporary look.
  • 100% genuine lambskin.
  • Imported quality leather jacket.

Black Men’s Stand Collar Leather Jacket

Jacket Empire is a brand that makes a variety of footwear collection, bags, accessories, garments, and more. This brand was established in 2018 and aims to manufacture high-end and fashionable items and sell its items worldwide today. Jacket EMpire has been producing elegant, reliable, and finely manufactured fashion items. This brand projects its aim to satisfy the target customers at all costs by providing them with the most accessible and reliable fashion products.

  • Its features comprise a metal zipper that runs along the full length of the jacket, which makes it seem stylish and is recommendable if the person wearing it feels cold.
  • Numerous jackets lack the proper spacing for pockets, which results in the unease of customers, and the customer has trouble placing his things safe inside the coat, but not in this men’s stand leather coat. This motorcycle leather jacket for men is designed to satisfy the customer by keeping things such as wallets, keys, and essential credit cards safe and intact. The pockets are wide. Two of the bags are welted sided entry pockets, and one pocket comes with a zipper and place of the chest.
  • Accessibility is not the bare minimum a customer requires. A customer also desires to look as stylish and sleek as possible for all days and events. This motorcycle leather jacket for men’s collars is specially designed to give off a modern and contemporary look. The collars are shirt collars, which are also useful for keeping one’s neck warm during the cold weather.

These men’s stand leather coats perfect for all days and events such as a date, parties, a hang out with friends or family, or even it is recommended for biking. With its unique and eye-catching features, it never fails to make the customers.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
jeremiah townsend
I love this jacket

I wear this jacket every day, it looks good and I look good in it, the only thing I don't understand is why they have such a small pocket inside that I can't put almost anything in it I have a little comb and think a few bucks

Very pleasant

The skin is like butter :) It looks great, but unfortunately it was too big. I bought a broker. I'm 5'10'145 pounds if that helps anyone. It's only an inch or two too large, especially on the chest. Although I am very skinny. I love the method though. If it was cheaper, I would have been less selective about the exact size hahahaha

Sebastian vega
Excellent buy

I love the very ergonomic design and the adaptability to accurate measurements. Simple excellent material I love

Jose Ramos

Nice jacket for the price

beautiful skin

Quality and appearance is everything you would expect from Jacket Empire.

Maxwell Boateng

I love that

Ron TX
Beautiful and fit well.

Beautiful leather jacket. Comfortable and beautiful. Fit as expected. Black bought. not complain.